Riding The Monday Blues In Athleisure

What’s your least favorite day of the week? Hands down, mine is Monday. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been riding the struggle bus on Mondays. I have never been a smooth transitioner, so it’s hard for me to go from weekend mode to weekday mode. Saturday and Sunday have a very different energy than Monday, and that shift tends to hit me hard.

But when you have a household to run, three toddlers to take care of, and a few side hustles to manage, giving into the Monday blues just isn’t an option.

I’ve been able to identify a few things that help me work through Mondays. Here are a few tricks that help me:

  • Make a To-Do List the night before
  • Refer to my To-Do List several times throughout the day
  • Get dressed!
  • Get outside of my home
Making a To Do list in my comfortable Monday outfit

These seemingly small and very doable actions help me stay grounded on Mondays. As you might guess, getting dressed is an important part of my Monday ritual. First of all, if I don’t get dressed, I’m not leaving the house…which means I can’t complete item #4 on my helpful To-Do list. But getting dressed means more than just checking a box. Getting dressed sends a signal to my brain to get out of my Monday rut, get motivated and get stuff done. If I laze around in PJs or even cute sweats it becomes all too easy for me to stay stuck in weekend slug mode; falling into that rut so early in the week is a major no-no for me.

Pro Tip: If your life is anything like mine, you’re trying to cram a million “To-Dos” into one Monday. To maximize my time and efficiency, sometimes I number the items in my list or group them together. It saves time and takes some of the brainwork out of my already hectic Monday. Also, if you still use paper and pen for your lists like I do, invest in a cute notepad or planner like this oldie but goodie from BoxFox.

Monday Outfit Mood

So what do I choose to wear most Mondays, and why? On Mondays I strike a balance between comfort and looking put-together. The first part of my Monday outfit formula (comfortable) is a nod to the part of me that feels all the feels on Mondays. It’s important to give ourselves a little grace on our tough days, so a comfortable outfit is my way of respecting how I feel and easing into a hard transition. Feeling physically uncomfortable in an outfit only further irritates my Monday blues. Am I getting a little deep in my outfit analysis, yes, but that’s because there is a definite correlation between how we dress, how we feel, and how we behave. With that, onto the next element of my Monday formula: put-together.

Because part of my job is to wear, share and experience outfits that make me feel good, I feel like I have a healthy obligation to look and dress the part – in other words, I need to dress the part when I “report” to work. This is especially important on Monday which signals the beginning of the workweek. Again, it’s that correlation – if I want to be productive, I have to exude a feeling of readiness and competence. Lounging around in loose sweats and a T-shirt isn’t going to get me motivated. So while I’m not quite ready for stiff skinny jeans on a Monday, I need to put something on my body that helps me feel confident, capable and presentable.

I fully acknowledge that in a world where loungewear has become the new norm, striking that balance between comfortable and put-together is a can be a little tricky. Go with how an outfit makes you feel, then find a full-length mirror and take a selfie. Would you mind if a client or coworker saw you in this outfit? If yes, try a different look.

A Comfortable And Put-Together Outfit For Monday

So what does comfortable and put-together look like for me on a Monday? Today I reached for athleisure. Now, let’s keep in mind that athleisure is not synonymous with gym clothes. It is an elevated workout look – fabrics, fit and the combination of items that you style together should be different than your gym outfit.

My Peach signature leggings are snug enough to help me feel neat and “put together”, but stretchy enough to give me the flexibility I need on a Monday. I choose solid black because it’s “serious” enough for the office; no floral or funky prints that remind me of workout clothes. Today isn’t about fitness, it’s about getting motivated to write, style outfits, educate and engage with my customers and of course devote quality time to my three little darlings. Yes, it’s a tall order!

This comfy textured hooded pullover from Zyia Active is amazing! It is a super cozy but stylized take on the traditional hooded sweatshirt. It has a unique wavy textured fabric that gives it much more interest than a flat fleece or cotton. The crossover neckline (sort of a funnel neck, sort of a mock turtle neck) and hoodie combination is genius in my opinion. There are no seams, strings or hardware, just comfortable style. In my opinion, this top shouldn’t even be called a hoodie because it is way too fashionable.

Think of your Monday outfit as a metaphor for your day. You need to give yourself a little grace, but keep pushing forward as best you can.

The perfect athleisure outfit for Monday

The icing on the cake this morning were these earrings from Saint Germain Studios, a local jewelry designer who I met back when I had my shop. These are the perfect topper for a comfortable look. They have just the right amount of dangle, and they’re super lightweight – perfect for a messy bun. The colorful fringe introduces a happy, playful element to my otherwise black and gray outfit/mood.

Colorful tassle earrings are the perfect length with a messy bun

Last but not least are the perfect pair of shoes to top off your outfit. I like sneaks or casual slip ons. Today I chose to conquer the day in my cool mom sneakers…no lazy UGGs today.

Style plays an important role in my overall mood and productivity. What about you? Does your outfit affect your mood and your overall productivity? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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  1. So relatable and fun to read. I totally agree- getting dressed – its all about momentum- one foot in front of the other!
    Also- As I’m reading I hear you in my head like Carrie Bradshaw (as an aside).

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