Getting Dressed with Kids

Dressed Like a Mother

Find Your Mom Style and Get Dressed

My mom style is comfortable and put-together enough so that I’m not completely embarrassed when recognized at the grocery store. A few months ago, I found my new formula for the perfect outfit:

Comfy bottoms + relaxed fit top + cool mom sneaks + (maybe) earrings = perfect OOTD.

I plug my favorite items into the formula and voila! I’ve got a cool-mom outfit.

If you’re searching for a little more direciton, here are the specifics: typically my comfy bottoms are leggings or boyfriend jeans and my top is a relaxed fit shirt, usually in some shade of gray. My cool mom sneaks depend on the season and my earrings range from a diamond stud to a thin, gunmetal hoop.

The Art of Getting Dressed When You’re a Mom

When you’re woken up by a tiny person with big needs every morning, getting ready isn’t so much a ritual as it a miracle. But lately, I’ve been committed to getting dressed no matter how busy my morning is. Even if my PJs don’t come off until lunchtime, it counts! Makeup and hair? That’s another story.

This is the outfit I took the time to jump into today, and I am dang proud of it. Heck, I’m even wearing jeans.

My Strategy For Getting Dressed

So here’s how I do it. I lure my sweet little toddler upstairs to smell things. Huh, weirdo? I discovered that Sammy loves the delicious scents of my body scrubs and lotions by Truly. Remember scented markers, turns out mama’s body potions work just well.

So I lay out all of these pretty jars and Sammy sniffs one, picks at it with his nails, attempts to rub it on my face, washes his hands, and repeat. His hands smell a lot prettier than they did before our little ritual, he had some sensory time and most importantly, I got dressed!

My choice for today are the oldest, most broken in, and comfiest boyfriend jeans by James Jeans. They’re from my days as a shop owner (I told you all who bought these way back when that they were worth every penny), my husband’s white Hanes T-shirt, my PixieLane tie-dye peace bolt zip up, my Dolce Vita cool mom sneaks, gunmetal hoops from my fav local jewelry shop (shop small!), and a leopard scrunchie.

Getting Dressed is Good Enough

For many of us, the simple act of getting dressed is good enough. Make it easy by following an outfit formula. To get started, think back to some of your favorite mom looks that you’ve put together, find the common denominator in each of those outfits, and create your own mom formula for the perfect outfit. Then grab your toddler and some smelling salts and get those items on.

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