Dolce Vita Sneakers

My Favorite Sneakers That Don’t Break the Bank

Get Your Sneakers On…NOW

Remember when ballet flats were the thing? Sneakers have stolen their place, and personally, I’m super excited about it because this old mom needs more arch support and cushioned comfort than ever.

You’ve probably seen the cool mom sneaks. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that look like they’ve been walked through the mud 50 times; the ones with the stars on them. They’re ah-dorable. But guess what? This mama needs to put three kids through college, so $500 a pair ain’t gonna work for my household. And it’s OK if the coolest kicks on the market aren’t in your budget.

My Cool-Girl Sneakers

These sneaks by Dolce Vita are just as cute and comfy. And I feel a personal sense of winning when I get a compliment and know that I spent less than $125 on them. They don’t have the name that their pricier rival does, but they provide you with the same trendy-chic style and give your outfit an updated look.

My cool-girl sneakers don’t cost a fortune, but I love them anyway.
Dolce Vita Sneakers
My cool-girl sneakers pair perfectly with leggings.

Ok, onto the sneaks. They make the lamest leggings look chic; the rattiest jeans look cool; the lumpiest of joggers look very New York City. They’re just the right amount of sneaker for an active mom; not too clunky, not ballerina at all.

I’ll be wearing my new sneakers now through April…because New England weather just doesn’t give up and I highly doubt I’ll be able to swap out for something lightweight until then.

Bonus points: the cushioning on these is fab. I beat up my feet and I’ve destroyed my back and knees playing on the floor and double arming my twins – these soften my step and don’t leave me with achy knees at the end of the day. A little TMI, but that’s my life.

Value Added

I love that my $100 pair of sneaks gets me the same look as a $500+ pair. Maybe I’ll wear again next year, maybe I won’t. But no mom guilt here either way!

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