Boy Mom Problems: 5 Ways to Match Your Boy

Boy moms, I don’t mean to be rude, but anyone else tired of these over the top cutesy mom and me outfits for mommas and their girls? Florals and paisleys; hearts and stars. Nope, not here. We’ve got boogers and bugs; pee and poop; trucks and Thomas. Nevertheless, we boys mommas secretly adore our kiddos’ gross little ways, and we want to embrace our boy mom status with trendy mom and me outfits. As boy moms, why are our options so scarce?

After doing a little digging around in my closet, I’ve learned that there are plenty of cool ways to match your little guy and look totally cute doing it! We have to put a little more effort and thought into our mom and me outfits, but the compliments that your dynamic duo outfits will earn are worth it!

Matching Mom and Me Outfits Redefined

Here is a little secret I’ll let you in on: the goal of boy mom outfits isn’t to be nauseatingly identical to one another. Instead, coordinating patterns, complementary colors and matching style motifs are what you need to focus on when choosing your mom and me styles. Sure, there are some cute matchy-matchy options out there on the market for boys and moms, but the cute ones are few and far between. You’ll all find plentiful holiday-themed matching pajamas and outfits, but that’s not going to get you much value. You want something that takes you beyond a cheesy (albeit fun) holiday photo op.

5 Ways to Mom and Me With Your Boy

Here are 5 ways to easily coordinate outfits with your favorite boy:


The market is flooded with camo prints for women and boys. T-shirts, joggers, masks, trucker hats…camo is not hard to find. For boys and women, the main players are green camo, black camo and blue camo. I personally have a lot of green camo in my closet, so when I’m shopping camo for my kids, that’s what I choose. At first glance, green camo prints look pretty darn similar to each other, so it’s ok to choose prints that vary slightly. I was a fan of camo long before it resurfaced about two years ago, so I have tons of patterns to choose from. Like this…(flat lay of some of my camo — leggings, top, mask, borrow something of leah’s)

We found coordinating camo tops!

I absolutely loved creating our camouflage mom and me look. Sammy’s retro camo top from PixielaneRachelSciaba steals the show, but blends perfectly with my camo t-shirt from TJMaxx. We’re both wearing cuffed blue jeans – his are Carter’s mine are DL1961 and tan shoes. By the way, those little details like a matching cuff or rolled sleeves go a long way.


Another one of my favorite patterns that you can find anywhere and everywhere is tie dye. You can even dye your own T-shirts (I’ll probably get some crap for this, but I don’t mix fashion and crafting, I live for the hunt!). Your dye colors don’t need to be identical, just make sure they’re in the same color family – I usually compartmentalize tie dyes as grey/black; blues; bright rainbow; pastel. Choose a T-shirt in one of these color families, add grey sweats for him and grey joggers for you, and you’ve got a sweet little mom and me ensemble.


By now I’m convincing you that what you don’t need is a whimsical Lilly Pulitzer print to match your kiddo. And let’s be real, is that really what you want? I’d personally prefer a laid back, too cool for Lilly look. What you do need, are solid basics.

You and your kiddo both wear T-shirts and jeans, right? Go through your wardrobes and find some common colors in basics (T shirts, zip up hoodies, jeans, light jackets).

Here, let’s build a matching outfit step by step:

  1. Starting with jeans, choose a similar wash. Sammy doesn’t wear a lot of jeans these days, but I typically buy him a darker wash because he stains everything.
  2. Next, dig through your wardrobes and find a solid T-shirt in the same (or similar) color. We wear a lot of navy, grey and burgundy.
  3. Add the final layer. Choose from zip up hoodies, cardigans, vests, or even light jackets. Your boy’s might be a vest, yours might be a cardigan – it doesn’t matter, but make sure the colors coordinate. Hint, black, olive grey or navy make great toppers. Throw your final layer over your matching T-shirts and you have effortlessly cool mom and me outfits!

Check out this look that Sammy and I had some fun creating (ok, I had some fun creating while he asked me why we weren’t playing trucks).

  1. Bottoms: black. Sammy is wearing black joggers; I’m wearing my favorite black leggings.
  2. Tops: grey/black/white striped mix. We don’t match exactly, but we’re both wearing tops that have a striping detail in the same color combo.


Matching accessories is an easy and quick way to twin with your boy and earn mega compliments. In the summer, go for matching aviators sunglasses and trucker hats. Again, don’t get caught up in finding the exact same pair.

Masks are here to stay – buy a mom and me set or choose coordinating prints from different brands. Sammy and I found camo masks. Mine is from one Sanctuary, this was one of my favorite brands when I ran my own brick and mortar shop. Their clothing strikes a nice balance between contemporary and midlife. Sanctuary offers the same kids’ masks, but Sammy is still young and needs something a little smaller to fit snug over his sweet little face, so I found this one at a little mom and pop shop in Falmouth Center.


Your entire outfit doesn’t need to be identical. Repeat, you and your kiddo do not need to look like identical versions of each other to achieve a fab mom and me look. Have you found matching pants? Cool! Now throw on tops that speak to your own individual styles and you’ve got a cool mom and me look that isn’t over the top.

Sneakers! Your kid wears them, you wear them, so leave your adorably cute footprint behind and buy the same pair. This is an area where matching isn’t cheesy at all. These brands make it easy to purchase coordinating sets from the get-go:

Converse classic Chuck Taylors

UGG classic boots

Adidas Superstar shoes

Sorel Out N About Boot

More Of Our Matching Looks

Sammy and I chose matching weekend loungewear by loosely coordinating our colors and style motif. We’re both wearing fleece gray lounge pants and white T-shirts. His top is a fun lighting bolt graphic tee (because he’s a kid, so he should have fun with his t-shirts), while mine is a solid white. Even though we’re not twinning exactly, we still achieved the mom and me look. This was super easy, by the way, I just grabbed one of my husband’s overly shrunken white T-shirts out of his sock drawer. Who cares if it ends up with toddler stains in a few hours.

Once you move past the fact that you and your kiddo might not be donning identical dresses or florals, you’ll find SO many cool options out there for dressing like your mini-me. The cute factor is unbeatable and you’ll love the compliments.

Start by going through your wardrobes and picking out items in similar colors and patterns. Use these as your outfit foundation and build from there. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll develop an eye for scouting out and styling coordinating pieces.

I’d love to know what outfit ideas you come up with!

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