About Me

I was a quiet kid growing up, but I always had big opinions about what I wanted to wear.

In the first grade, it was all about my black dress with neon bows. As a teen, I found myself in “grunge” style with baggy overalls and flannel shirts. As I grew older, of course my style evolved into what it is today. My adulthood is marked by tops with clean lines, varying shades of neutrals and greys, a smart-looking ankle boot and a great fitting pair of jeans.

Style meets us at different points in our lives.

As a mom of three boys all under the age of 4, I’d be lying if I said my style wasn’t shaped by my busy mom lifestyle. And I embrace that. What used to be leather boots are now leather sneakers (black because boys like dirt).

I welcome you to find your style through mine.

Follow along to discover your own style and have a bunch of fun doing it! Who knew getting dressed could be so much fun.